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333 M 13, Chiang Mai - Hang Dong Rd., Ban Waen, Hang Dong, Chiang Mai 50230

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+66 (0) 53 122 222

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[email protected]

About Our Mission

What We Do

Over 3 decades of experiences and expertise in the Real Estate, we believe that the quality of the social environment is an important factor for quality of living. Thus, our mission is to create the high quality of the social environment which every member of Koolpunt Ville family can live a happy and quality life with convenience. We focus on every detail from the beginning, customer's requirements, the aesthetic design and functional design, selecting the high-quality materials, construction not only until the house has been done but we also provide the after-sale service to keep our promise to provide our customer with quality of living.

About Our Vision

What We Want to Become

Our vision is to be the leader in real estate development company in creating and providing the warmth and happiness experience and high quality of living.

About Our Values

What We Believe


Honesty Sincerity


Customer Focused