Office Address

333 M 13, Chiang Mai - Hang Dong Rd., Ban Waen, Hang Dong, Chiang Mai 50230

Phone Number

+66 (0) 53 122 222

Email Address

[email protected]

From more than a decade of experience
and expertise in the living accommodation area

we realize that it is a quality social environment which is the crucial foundation for giving each and every family a good start. Every member of the Koolpunt Ville family will consequently live a life of quality, convenience and comfort within our gates, through our system of providing the ultimate in care and full community services and warm friendly service throughout the entire pre-sale and after-sale period. At Koolpunt Ville, continuous service is our pleasure, as well as providing all the above to every one of our customers' families throughout the course of time. This is something else that always forms a close bond between Koolpunt Ville and our customers in our projects, symbolising much more than what the words "Housing Estate" suggest alone. In this way, living under the "Koolpunt Ville" name does not just mean living in any ordinary housing estate, but represents living together evermore in a quality social environment and warm community like family, one and the same.